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Mercury Capsule

Here are the latest improvements to the Mercury Liberty Bell 7 capsule. Still figuring out which bolt goes into which texture, but moving along nicely.

An earlier version were the window is... transparent :-)

Gemini capsule

Test of my Gemini capsule textures. As the available good resolution photos are mostly of flown capsules now in museums, the current version of my photo real textures has an old and battered look. further work will correct this.

Mercury Atlas screenshots

Some screen shots using my the current Atlas and Mercury capsule textures.

Mercury Redstone (WIP)

Some screen shots of further enhancements to the Redstone textures. The resolution is now 512x2048 and the basic details are ready (bolts, metal plaques, etc). The launch pads were also updated to match the red of the photos. I'm using a version of Earth1962 edited to show all the detailed Canaveral pads at the same time (as you can see on the last image).

ISRO Sriharikota base

ISRO Sriharikota base
This base is also know as Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) and is in use since 1971.Launch Pads and facilitiesPad 1 :PSLV-1 for GSLV and PSLV rockets.
Pad 2 :PSLV-2 for GSLV and PSLV rockets.
Pad 3: SLV for ASLV and SLV rockets. Mobile Service Tower, Umbilical Tower and Launch Pedestal Solid Motor Preparation Facility Subsystem Preparation Facility Hardware Storage Facility Liquid/Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Transfer Facility Stage Preparation Facility for Cryogenic Stage Satellite Preparation Facility Launch Control Centre and Mission Control Centre

Salyut 6 & 7 (WIP)

High resolution accurate detailed texture for the Salyut 7 space station, including control panels, with the intent of creating a VC.Salyut 6 core basic layout:

Salyut 7 core basic layout (showing the limited coverage of available pictures):

Buran - MIR mission pack (WIP):

Preliminary work, based on the existing add-ons.Buran possible mission list (based on actual planing):
November 1988 - Shuttle Buran 1.01 unmanned first flight, duration 2 orbits.Oct 1991 - Shuttle "Ptichka" 1.02 - unmanned first flight, duration 1-2 days, 37KB module payload. Apr 1992 -Shuttle "Ptichka" 1.02 - unmanned second flight, with a duration of 7-8 days, 37KB module payload. Orbital maneuvers and space station approach test: automatic docking with Mir's Kristall module crew transfer from Mir to the shuttle, with testing of some of its systems in the course of twenty-four hours, including the remote manipulator undocking and autonomous flight in orbit docking of the manned Soyuz-TM 101 with the shuttle crew transfer from the Soyuz to the shuttle and onboard work in th…

Mercury-Atlas / Redstone (WIP)

Photo-real textures for the Mercury capsule and associated Redstone and Atlas rockets.

MIR space station photo-realistic textures 1.0

Texture repaint Orbiter add-on. High resolution photo-real accurate detailed textures for the MIR space station complex. Shows the station with the effects of exposure to space environment, with consistent discoloration based on photos. Solar panels, base module and radiators are very detailed (>1024 pixels). Thermal blankets are 2048 pixel to show small scale fabric texture.

High resolution accurate detailed textures for the MIR space station base module. Shows the station base module after launch, before the effects of exposure to space environment. Solar panels and base module are very detailed (>1024 pixels). Thermal blankets are 2048 pixel to show small scale fabric texture.

This repaint is available for the "Mir Space Station v.1.3" and "Proton Launch Vehicle v.1.…

Skylab photo-realistic textures

Updated photo-realistic textures for Skylab, created from the best available photos. Focus was on solar panel textures, that are now of higher resolution and with better detail on the back side. Texture repaint only, the "Skylab1973v2.1" or "Skylab1980" add-ons by "usonian" are required.

Download from Orbiter Hangar

Sriharikota base and updated PSLV & GSLV textures

My first Orbiter project was the Indian Sriharikota spaceport. Both pads are included, and the main buildings were recreated using Orbiter's standard base blocks. Surface tiles cover a large area around the base with higher resolution near the pads.

Also, I've updated the textures for the Indian PSLV & GSLV launcher and situations to recreate some historical launches from both pads. Therefore the following add-ons are required:
India Space Research Organization's GSLV Mk I/II and Indian Space Research Organization's PSLV by prakshepak add-ons available at
» Download from Orbiter Hangar «


This is my blog dedicated to my work regarding add-ons for Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. There are a lot of add-ons available for it, and I intend to enhance some of them with textures created from geometrically rectified high resolution photos through re-projection and general cleanup. Images were color, contrast and gamma corrected for consistency and realistic results.

List of texture repaints (available on Orbiter Hangar):

* MIR space station (09/04/01)
* Skylab space station (08/12/28)
* Sriharikota base, PSLV & GSLV (08/03/26)

As any amateur effort, there's no time-line for the completion of any project, and all add-ons must be regarded as a continuing effort. Any feedback is welcome.