Buran - MIR mission pack (WIP):

Preliminary work, based on the existing add-ons.

Buran possible mission list (based on actual planing):

  1. November 1988 - Shuttle Buran 1.01 unmanned first flight, duration 2 orbits.
  2. Oct 1991 - Shuttle "Ptichka" 1.02 - unmanned first flight, duration 1-2 days, 37KB module payload.
  3. Apr 1992 -Shuttle "Ptichka" 1.02 - unmanned second flight, with a duration of 7-8 days, 37KB module payload. Orbital maneuvers and space station approach test:
    • automatic docking with Mir's Kristall module
    • crew transfer from Mir to the shuttle, with testing of some of its systems in the course of twenty-four hours, including the remote manipulator
    • undocking and autonomous flight in orbit
    • docking of the manned Soyuz-TM 101 with the shuttle
    • crew transfer from the Soyuz to the shuttle and onboard work in the course of twenty-four hours
    • automatic undocking and landing
  4. 1993 - Shuttle Buran 1.01 unmanned second flight, duration 15-20 days, 37KB module payload.
  5. 1994 - Shuttle 2.01 first manned space test flight, duration of 24 hours, crew of two cosmonauts, deliver the 37KBI module payload to Mir, using the manipulator arm to dock it to the station's Kristal module.

Mir 1.5 possible mission list (based on actual planing)::

First plan

  1. 1992 - Launch of the DOS-8 by a Proton booster; launch of Buran to grapple the module, rendezvous with Mir, and attach it to the old DOS-7 base block.

Second plan

  1. 1992 - Launch of the DOS-8 by a Proton booster; DOS-8 maneuvers and dock itself to Mir.
  2. 1993 - Buran delivers a prototype 37KBT (similar to MIR's Kvant module) biotechnology module
  3. 1994 - DOS-7 de orbited
  4. 1995 - Buran delivers 37KBE power modules
  5. 1996 - Buran two operational 37KBT biotechnology modules
  6. 1997 - Buran could swaps the 37KBT modules and returns them to Earth.
  7. 1998 - Buran delivers a long power truss.


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