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Venera model

I'm working on a Venera Venus lander model for Orbiter. It's based on Venera 9 with the surface lights, although not 100% accurate.

Also, here's the landing sphere (bottom portion). The lander enters the Venusian atmosphere inside it.

Mercury Little Joe add-on released

Mercury Little Joe (07-2009 beta ) by 4throck
(download from Orbiter Hangar - )

I made this add-on to learn about setting up 3D models inside Orbiter. I got it working and was lot’s of fun to develop. This add-on recreates the Little Joe rocket and associated Mercury boilerplate capsule. The launch pad at Wallops Island is also present. As it is my first work of this kind, involving multistage rocket setup, it’s somewhat rough. I consider myself more of a 3d guy, nevertheless I hope you will enjoy flying it.Currently, the rocket starts on the pad at a 90º vertical angle and not at the real 70º~80º inclination. The guidance file then sets the rocket on the actual heading and inclination. The performance parameters are based on reality but tweaked so that a ~88km apogee is achieved for the Little Joe 2 flight. Flight sequence follows real events, with a 40 second burn of the Little Joe rocket, followed by separation of the capsule with escap…

Progress on the Little Joe pad and Mercury boilerplate

Progress on the Little Joe pad and Mercury boilerplate parachute. Rocket performance is close to real (got to 77km instead of ~88km).