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Earth with rings

Roy has sent me a nice email sharing his latest animation for Youtube. It features some research into what would an Earth's ring system look like.

The surface views in the video look good and everything seem to be well researched.

Regarding simulation, imagine a space station located on the rings... perhaps to harvest some water! It would be a nice activity to try to simulate a space shuttle flight from the ISS to the ring station and back. Perhaps I'll do it for Orbiter some day!

Project Gemini updated realistic textures

Finally released the Project Gemini updated realistic textures add-on for Orbiter Space Simulator!

Add-on Description:
Photo-real texture repaint for the magnificent Project Gemini add-on based on actual photos.
Texture files only, no meshes or other new files are included.

Update includes:

High resolution (2048x2048) Titan rocket
Better Agena docking target texture
Improved virtual cockpit detailed control panels


Get it here.

(This repaint doesn't include the work in progress capsule repaint you see in previous posts, as they are very rough and only look good from some angles)