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Showing posts from October, 2010

Moonbase Alpha simulation

A new Moonbase Alpha implementation for Orbiter Simulator has been released. It features my Eagle virtual cockpit and Main Mission interior mesh, reachable by travel car. I hadn't blogged about before, so here are two images of it, on it's original form. On the add-on, the desks were changed for a latter model.

Here's the description an link:

"A re-envisioned add-on for Orbiter 2010 that faithfully recreates the world of Space: 1999. Displacement booths, Transporter utility, UCGO, and UMmu allow a new level of immersion. In this iteration, previously static structures are modeled as vessels, allowing the Orbinaut to interact with the environment."

Soyuz 7K panel

Here's something I'm working on for a Soyuz 7K simulation:

It's a Sirius IDS panel texture for a virtual cockpit. It will not be functional but both the CRT display and the periscope will show standard Orbiter Simulator MFD displays.