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Brazilian Space Program

I'm working on the Brazilian Space Program.

Here's the VLM (Veiculo Lançador de Microsatélites) ready to go from Alcantara base in Orbiter.

This is the current proposed configuration:

The old configuration (VLS derived) will also be avaliable. It looks like this:

The VS40 SARA, mentioned on previous posts, now has it's tower.

And there will be parachutes:

Finally, here's a preview of the VLS-Alfa (upgraded version of the VLS rocket):

Having fun modeling these nice rockets!

Buran OK-GLI cockpit released

The Buran OK-GLI cockpit add-on for Orbiter space simulator is finally released!

Get it here:

Add-on Description:
This addon will add a Virtual cockpit to the OK-GLI Buran aerotester.
The provided spacecraft3.dll config will also give a more realistic aerodynamic handling (at least in my opinion).It is based on the "Yasishchev VM-T with Shuttle" addon by kev33 (required) and, besides the config file, no other files are changed.

Select the An225 & Myasishchev VM-T » K-Powered-Buran scenario and press F8 to view the Virtual Cockpit. One CRT and one instrument are configured to display MFDs.

kev33 - original addon, configs, meshes and textures
4throck - cockpit mesh, textures and updated config

Surface bases for the "Lusophone Space Agency"

Kind of a side project that started from discussions between the Portuguese speaking space simulation enthusiasts.

This add-on groups several bases created for the Lusophone Space Agency: Amílcar Cabral Airport (Cape Verde)Beja Airport (Portugal)Angola International AirportMacau International Airport (China)São Tomé and Príncipe International AirportTimor International AirportAlcântara Launch Center and Airport(Brazil)
The bases follow the actual airport layouts and no structures were added. The exception is Angola International Airport, as it is under construction and was created based on project renderings.
Standard Orbiter base blocks were used for all structures (with the exception of Alcântara Launch Center), in order to provide good performance. Landsat based Surface tiles are provided, complemented by other aerial imagery when available. The Lusophone Space Program is based on space tourism, using for that the well known Deltaglider fleet.
Get the bases in Orbiter Hangar using the l…

Buran OK-GLI cockpit

I'm adding the final touches to the Buran OK-GLI virtual cockpit! This project took me a long time to finish, as source photos were dificult to sort out. The aerotester (OK-GLI) and the orbital vehicles have slightly diferent instrumentation to complicate things. Also, only the aerotester was actually finished, meaning that most of the orbital version's panels displayed are mock-ups or incomplete versions.