Gemini B cockpit layout

The Gemini B was the military version of the Gemini spacecraft, adapted for use on the MOL (Manned Orbiting Laboratory) program. The general cockpit layout was similar, but many instruments were changed.

I'm doing a 3D model of the cockpit, and as part of that I need to recreate the dashboard layout.
For the normal Gemini we have great detailed instrument layouts, but for Gemini B we must work based on photos.

I've identified as much labels as possible. Some probably have errors, but still I think you get the idea of the general operation.

The main difference from the stock Gemini is that gauges and switches are more protected perhaps from accidental touching. Also you have controls for the MOL laboratory on the right hand panel.

Left panel

Center panel

Bottom panel

Right panel

I'm working mainly based on two reference photos:

(unknown origin)

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