Photo-real textures for Project Mercury released

Photo-real textures for Project Mercury released

After months of work, all texturing (Mercury capsules, Redstone and Atlas rockets) is finished. Follow the link bellow and get it from Orbiter Hangar.

Photo-real texture repaint for the magnificent Project Mercury add-on for Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator, based on actual photos.
Texture files only, no meshes or other new files required.

Update includes:

Mercury capsule
Bolts and ridges were counted for an actual match as good as the mesh allows. The MA-9 capsule (Freedom 7 II) texture ( is now unmarked, so that it can be used to simulate hypothetical further Mercury flights.

Redstone rocket
The resolution is now 512x2048 and the rocket is detailed with bolts, metal plaques, etc.

Atlas rocket
512x2048 texture with fine details.

Download it from Orbiter Hangar (


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