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Venera 9 mission simulation released!

(nice video preview by rseferino)

My Venera 9 add-on for Orbiter Space Simulator is available at Orbiter Hangar:

Here's the documentation:

Venera 9 (Венера-9, 4V-1 No. 660) USSR unmanned orbiter and a lander mission to Venus.

by 4throck –

Spacecraft description and implementation in Orbiter space sim.

The Venera 9 is implemented as two spacecraft (Orbiter+Lander). The meshes are as accurate as I was able to model them. I tried to follow authentic flight hardware photos as much as possible. Please take into account the fact that Russian hardware on display doesn’t have the thermal covers that were actually used for spaceflight and is sometimes painted with different colors for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, my models will look different from some of the Venera 9 replica photos you might see. Texturing could be improved to give a more uniform thermal cloth cover to the orbiter bus, and other small mesh bugs are present. …

Zvezda interior update

Some updated images. Texturing is moving along fine, with the basic walls covered and detailed main panels.

Earlier images of Zvezda interior and panels.: