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Space: 1999 simulation

I'm really having fun with the Eagles and all the Space: 1999 stuff. While the repaints still have a long way to go for the command module, the body is almost complete. Following discussions on Orbit Hangar Forum, I'm also building a dedicates solar system configuration for the Space:1999 world. This way I can integrate better the available addons and create some interesting scenarios.

So far, I have:

- Two periods of Moon exploration.

A pre-1990's where I only have the Spacedock in Moon orbit and a single "first stone" pad of Moon Base Alpha. Following the series time-line and universe, the Moon is used for Nuclear waste storage. So missions of this early period will feature exploring the Moon surface to identify suitable sites for landing (flat, no high mountains, low altitude, etc.) and placing structures (waste storage).

The latter period has Alpha completely built and at least one Nuclear waste disposal area. I might add the Mars base and a few interplanetary v…

Space:1999 Eagles

Been having fun repainting the Eagles from Space:1999 Orbiter meshes with textures from the original models used on the series. A great level of detail is possible but the spacecraft start to look as what they are in reality, just models!

I'm working on all Eagle variants and were are some images: