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Ultra probe cockpit

I'm working on a virtual cockpit for the Space:1999 Ultra Probe.

Textures from my Eagle cockpit are being reused because screenshots from the series are not clear enough to detail all the panels.

Moonbase Alpha simulation

A new Moonbase Alpha implementation for Orbiter Simulator has been released. It features my Eagle virtual cockpit and Main Mission interior mesh, reachable by travel car. I hadn't blogged about before, so here are two images of it, on it's original form. On the add-on, the desks were changed for a latter model.

Here's the description an link:

"A re-envisioned add-on for Orbiter 2010 that faithfully recreates the world of Space: 1999. Displacement booths, Transporter utility, UCGO, and UMmu allow a new level of immersion. In this iteration, previously static structures are modeled as vessels, allowing the Orbinaut to interact with the environment."

Soyuz 7K panel

Here's something I'm working on for a Soyuz 7K simulation:

It's a Sirius IDS panel texture for a virtual cockpit. It will not be functional but both the CRT display and the periscope will show standard Orbiter Simulator MFD displays.

Suisei & Sakigake for Orbiter 2010

My Suisei and Sakigake probe models are released as part of an addon for Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. 
Get it from Orbiter hangar using this link:

"Suisei & Sakigake - Halley Armada Pt.1
by Jupiter, 4thRock, BrianJ

Two Japanese spacecraft launched in 1985 as part of the international fleet of vessels sent to study Comet Halley during 1986. Launched in January and August from Kagoshima on the solid-fuel M-3IIS rocket, the extended missions for these probes included the possibility of flybys of two other comets via Earth gravity assists.
Add-on includes: Suisei & Sakigake spacecraft, M-3IIS launcher, Kagoshima launch pad, launch and rendezvous scenarios, flight notes, comets 1P_Halley, 21P_GiacobiniZinner, 26P_GriggSkjellerup, 45P_HMP (HondaMrkosPajdusakova)."

Vostok panels

I've more or less completed the Vostok panels. The main panel is reasonably accurate, but the side panel is still very rough. Without better reference images it will be hard to do.

Columbus Manned-Tended Free Flyer (MTFF) - v1

MTFF addon by 4throck for Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

This add-on is based on the final MTFF proposals and illustrations, and on the related hardware that was actually built and flown.

It features a single docking port at the front, a pressurized module (with a virtual cockpit based on Spacelab) and a power and propulsion module based on the Eureca platform. I’ve tried to approximate the Radio-frequency Ion Thruster Assembly (RITA) used for orbit raising and station keeping, so maneuvers will be very slow. Nevertheless I’ve added weak RCS jets to simplify docking procedures.

On general this add-on is designed to test the concept of a space station with a VC. It’s recommended to use CameraMDF and simulate external views on the module’s interior display screens. Also, there’s a small view port that can be visited using Firstperson module, for example.

Included scenarios feature the MTFF in orbit and docked to the Space Shuttle, Hermes and ISS.

Background on the Man-Tended Free Flyi…

And here's Sakigake

The Japanese Haley's Comet probe Sakigake model is almost done.

Columbus MTFF

lmost done with the ESA proposed Columbus MTFF spacestation. It will be a very simple Orbiter addon, with the station in orbit and one docking port. The idea is to provide an alternate destination besides the ISS.

Suisei, Spaceship Two

Some stuff I'm having fun with latelly. A early model of the Japanese Suisei probe and instrument panel for Spaceship Two.

Space:1999 Eagle repaint

Space:1999 Eagle repaint (10-02-06)

by 4throck

These are replacement high resolution textures for several Eagle transporter addons. As most versions use
the same meshes, this addon can be used with many versions of the Eagle.

It will give the most popular Eagle addons for Orbiter space simulator a consistent look. All textures were sourced from photos of the original studio models and feature fine detailing. Also, Moonbase Alpha's landing pads and walls were updated, again based on screenshots from the series and model photos

Please backup you original textures because they will be overwritten.

Download from Orbiter Hangar here.

Major progress on Zvezda module interior model

Some major progress on my Zvezda module interior model. Only some detailing on the forward and backward hatches and texturing. I've settled for a clean look, free of any objects or hardware.