Suisei & Sakigake for Orbiter 2010

My Suisei and Sakigake probe models are released as part of an addon for Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. 
Get it from Orbiter hangar using this link:

"Suisei & Sakigake - Halley Armada Pt.1
by Jupiter, 4thRock, BrianJ

Two Japanese spacecraft launched in 1985 as part of the international fleet of vessels sent to study Comet Halley during 1986. Launched in January and August from Kagoshima on the solid-fuel M-3IIS rocket, the extended missions for these probes included the possibility of flybys of two other comets via Earth gravity assists.
Add-on includes: Suisei & Sakigake spacecraft, M-3IIS launcher, Kagoshima launch pad, launch and rendezvous scenarios, flight notes, comets 1P_Halley, 21P_GiacobiniZinner, 26P_GriggSkjellerup, 45P_HMP (HondaMrkosPajdusakova)."

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