Ultra probe cockpit

I'm working on a virtual cockpit for the Space:1999 Ultra Probe.

Textures from my Eagle cockpit are being reused because screenshots from the series are not clear enough to detail all the panels.


  1. Nice works, man...!!
    I'm a fan of space 1999.
    Where i can get these 3D sketchup models ???
    Thanks :)

  2. Thanks :-) The 3D meshes are part of the virtual cockpit in flyable Ultraprobe. The ship is simulated in Orbiter Space Simulator, along with Moonbase Alpha and other familiar vehicles. Development was a community effort and I contributed with some cockpits, a main mission mesh and a eagle repaint.

    See http://www.orbithangar.com/search_quick.php?text=moonbase&submit.x=0&submit.y=0 to get the addons!


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