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I'm working on a model of the "Foguete Suborbital VS-40", a Brazilian sounding rocket. I'm trying to simulate the SARA - Satélite de Reentrada Atmosférica suborbital mission. Don't know how much detail I'll go into, but it is looking great. It's a nice simple 2 stage rocket. but the payload must have RCS and parachutes. Also, the recovery operations might be nice to do, if I have enought time for it.
For now, I'll stick to the VS-40 and an updated Alcantara base.

Space Station Freedom interior resources

Although the project was canceled and evolved into the ISS, at least some mock-ups and trainers were built. Being the late 1980's not much reference photos exist on the web.
I'm posting the all the images I could find for the convenience of having them together at a single place. This way the general layout of the station can be understood. Some of the solutions found their way into the ISS, others didn't. On general the station seems bigger and the concept would make a nice virtual cockpit for a "alternate history" simulation.



Living quarters / Habitation module:

Soyuz 7K-LOK panel

Here are some cleaned up versions of the LOK main panels. This spacecraft was planed as part of the Soviet moon landing program N1-L3.

Buran cockpit resources

Some resources documenting the layout of Buran cockpit instruments and panels. All photos are from the indicated sites:

Cockpit mock-up, Central House of Aviation -

Cockpit instruments, Technik Museum Speyer -,_Gesamtansicht.jpg

 Vadim Lukashevich,

I'll add more images as I find them and hope to organize them by vehicle, mock-up or simulator.

Soyuz 7K in Orbiter SpaceFlight Simulator

Some images from the almost complete Soyuz 7K add-on for Orbiter! In this flight the 7K-T-AF version was simulated.