Buran OK-GLI cockpit released

The Buran OK-GLI cockpit add-on for Orbiter space simulator is finally released!

Get it here: http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=5781 

Add-on Description:
This addon will add a Virtual cockpit to the OK-GLI Buran aerotester.
The provided spacecraft3.dll config will also give a more realistic aerodynamic handling (at least in my opinion).It is based on the "Yasishchev VM-T with Shuttle" addon by kev33 (required) and, besides the config file, no other files are changed.

Select the An225 & Myasishchev VM-T » K-Powered-Buran scenario and press F8 to view the Virtual Cockpit. One CRT and one instrument are configured to display MFDs.

kev33 - original addon, configs, meshes and textures
4throck - cockpit mesh, textures and updated config


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