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Final model of the VLS rocket

I've finished modeling the VLS rocket. Here's what it looks like in SketchUp after texturing!

After export, the model in Orbiter Space Simulator looks like this:

Very consistent. I'm using the DX9 renderer, and I've yet to add normalmaps!

As I'm happy with the way it looks already, here's an image sequence of a test launch.

A better model for the VLS rocket

I've been working on an updated model of the VLS rocket to go with the new Alcântara base.  The first stage rocket boosters have better textures and a more geometry detail. I worked out the fixation points of the boosters to the main rocket, and it looks great! Also, the pad structure was corrected to match the rocket.  The next step is to detail the other stages. Part of the work is done for the VS40 rocket, that shares identical hardware. But there are always differences. The fairing also needs some work to give it a less plastic impression.