Saturn I launch and stage separation

Saturn I test flight videos, in real-time and with side-by-side rocket camera views

The early Saturn I test flights (Saturn I SA-5 and Saturn I SA-6) are interesting visually because of the on-board camera footage, with good coverage of stage separation.

SA-5 tested S-IV second stage ignition and SA-6 carried the first boilerplate Apollo spacecraft into low Earth orbit

Since they where test flights, engineers needed images to record what was happening on the vehicle during flight. Most times these on-board cameras would run faster or slower than the standard 24fps film speed. Normally the sequences are shown with no compensation for that, but where I tried to show things in real time.

I'm presenting these images in real time and side by side with the more common distant views.
The original images come from multiple documentaries and film sources. Sound comes from a real Saturn I launch.


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